This page designed, constructed, and maintained by Neil Gladd.  Most of it was created using Netscape Composer, but some of the large text files were originally created in WordPerfect, and then copied into Netscape.  When I got thoroughly disgusted with Netscape Composer not allowing me to copy or paste html code, adding its own html code that I didn't want, and rewriting html code that I had meticulously entered (so that it no longer worked), I finished editing the page as a text document in notepad.

    The music was noteset using Sibelius, and the photographs and artwork were edited in Adobe Photo Deluxe.

    Thank you to artist Cheryl Moody, for making some suggestions on the visual appearance, to copyright cohort Claire Gardiner, for turning me on to the wonders of tables, and to every web designer I ever met, who said "DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!," when I contemplated using frames.