Compiled by Neil Gladd

    This list will be perpetually "in progress," so if you are a composer or performer and have any additions or corrections to make, please send me an email.  Composer's names are linked to their websites, or in a few cases, set up to send them an email (only done with their permission).



Adamczyk, Michael (b. 1937)
   Motions for Mandolin and Guitar  ms

Adams, John (b.1947)
    Gnarly Buttons [Solo clarinet, English horn, bassoon, trombone, banjo (also plays mandolin and guitar),
two keyboard players (#1 plays keyboard sampler and piano; #2 plays keyboard sampler), 2 violins, viola, cello, contrabass] (1996) 25"

Alrich, Alexis (b.1955)
   Palm Boulevard [Mand, Pno, Mar]  P: FPM, R: Opus One 119
   Prelude and Jig [Mand, Gtr]  ms, R: Opus One 104

Anderson, Beth (b. 1950)
   September Swale (1993) [Mand, Gtr] 6'
   P: Antes (Germany), R:Duo Ahlert & Schwab - Chilli con Tango ANTES BM-CD 31.9153

Anderson, William
    American Folksong Settings [Gtr (doubling Mand), Fl/Picc/A-Fl, M-Sop ]
    Ear Conception [Fl, Ob, Vn, Vc, Gtr I, Gtr II, (doubling Mand] (1994) 10'
    A Giddy Thing [Mand, Tape OR Mand, Pno] (2001)  3.5'
    Sketches for mandolin and piano  (2001) 6'
    Variations [Fl, Vn, Vc, Pno, Perc, Gtr, Mand] (1993)  8'

Ayton, Will (b.1948)
   Three movements for Mandolin and Guitar (1984) 8' P: NLP 019 R: Mair-Davis Duo / Duo Giocondo
   various pieces [Mand Orch]

Baker, Claude
   The Glass bead game (1983) [orch] 23'
        orch: 3*3*3*3* 4431 Timp, 4 Perc, Hp, Pno, Cel,  Mand, Strings
    L: AMC: M1045 B1663 G5

Berky, Carl (b. 1934)
Symphony of Nocturnes: Three Night Moods for Orchestra (1958)
Piccolo, 2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, English Horn, 2 B flat Clarinets, Bass Clarinet, 2 Bassoons, Contra Bassoon, 4 Horns in F, 2 Trumpets in B flat, 2 Trombones, Piano,
Harp, Mandolin, Percussion: Timpani, Celesta, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel, Snare Drum, Tenor Drum, Bass Drum, Bongos, Temple Blocks, Wood Blocks, Cymbals,
Finger Cymbals, High-Hat Cymbals, Ratchet, Wood and Glass Wind Chimes, Guiro, Maracas, Claves, Tambourine, Triangle, 2 Cow Bells and Sleigh Bells, Strings
1. Zorba's Dance
2. Dirge
3. Bouzoukee Music
22 min. First Performance: Orchestral Society of Philadelphia Arthur Cohen, conductor

Blank, Allan (b.1925)
   6 Significant Landscapes [Sop, Fl, Ob, Cl, Bsn, Hn, Tr, Tb, Hp, Mand, 4 Perc, Vn, Vla, Vc, Db] P: ACA

 Boatner, John
     Ruth : oratorio (1968) 35:00
     Text from Bible (Ruth). Premiered by Roscoe's Surprise Orchestra at St. John's Episcopal Church, Memphis, TN, Jun. 21, 1987.
      [2 Fl, Cl/T-S, 2 Hn, Timp, 7 Perc, Mand, Gtr/E-Gtr, Cel/Hpschd/Org, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, 2 Vn, Vla, Vc, Db, SATB Chorus]

Boone, Clara Lyle (b.1927)
   Slumber Song [Sop, melody instrument (Mand)] P: Arsis Press

Bouchard, Linda
    Rocking Glances (1979) 12' [Fl, Ob, Perc, Gtr, Mand, Vn, Vla, Vc]

Bohn, David (b. 1965)
    Slip [Mand Orch] 1997 (6')

Boyadjian, Hayg
   Heeshoom (remembrance) for solo mandolin  ms
   Round a square (1989) [Mand, Gtr] L: AMC: M293 B789 R8

Brazelton, Kitty
   Tribute to Sun Ra (1993) 20-25'
    [voices, Fl, Ob, S-Sax, A-Sax, T-Sax, B-Sax, Tr, Tb, Tuba, Bar-Uke, Mand, Hp, Vn, Vla, Vc, E-Gtr, Bass, Drums, Perc]

Bresnick, Martin (b.1946)
   Bag O'Tells (an Archeology of the Mandolin) (1984) [Mand] 12' P: Carl Fischer L: US-Wc M132 .B R: CRI CD 697 Long Distance, Seth Josel.

Bruce, Neely
   mandolin used in one of his operas

Bunker, Amy
    Fantasy on AgnioloConti’s “Bure” [Mand Quartet] (1998)
    Fantasy on an Anon.’Courrente’ [Mand Quartet] (1998)
        Written for the Sydney Mandolins.

Burgess, Marjorie
   Fly White Butterflies (1986) [Sop, Mand, Pno]  ms

Bushman, Pauline Cole
   Petite Scherzo Chromatique [3 Mand, Gtr] ms

Carroll, Nancy
   Songs from the Heart of a Child [Sop, Mand, Gtr]  ms
   Purple Beams and Azure Wings (1976) [Lute, Mand, Pandora, Gtr]  ms
   Joy No.1-The Hearkening (1984) [Mand Orch] ms

Carter, Elliott (b. 1908)
   Luimen [Mand, Gtr, Hp, Vib, Tr, Tbn] (1997) R: Bridge 9111

Cathey, Tully J. (b. 1954)
   Another Friend I and II (1994) 4'50" [2 Mand, Mla, Mc]
   Aspen Variations (1994) 9'30" [Mand Orch (3 Mand 1, 2 Mand 2, Mla, Mc, Gtr, Bass)]
   ELEMENTS: !. Fire, II. Earth, III, Air, IV. Water (1997?) 24' [2 Mand, Mla, Mc]
   Following (1993) [Vn, Mand, 2 Gtr]  AMC: M472 C363 F6
   Journeys (1993) 4'45" [2 Mand]
   Passacaglia (1993) 3'23" [Mand, 2 Gtr]
   Two Pieces from Trilogy: An Homage to Edgar Allen Poe -To Isadore, Isabel
      [Vn, Mand, 2 Gtr]

Childs, Barney (b.1926)
   Music for One Player (1969) for solo mandolin  P: ACA

    Serenade for Mandolin and String Quartet NEW

Coleman, Gene
    Lacunae [Mand, Fl/A-Fl, B-Cl] (1994)
    Sheet [Mand, B-Cl, 2 Perc] (1991)

Coleman, Ornette (b.1930)
   Notes Talking (1986) 30' [solo Mand] ms

Cooman, Carson P. (b. )
    Jaunts [Mand Quintet] (Op. 264) (2001) (5 min)
        Written for the Sydney Mandolins.

Cory, Eleanor Thayer (b.1945)
   Concertino II for Piano and Chamber Ensemble (1970) 16'
   [Pno, 0-1-e.horn-1-1; 1-0-1-0;Hp, Mand, 4 Perc) P: ACA

Cowell, Henry (1897-1965)
   Persian Set 15' [Picc(Fl), Cl, Tar(Gtr, Mand), Drum(Persian or Tam-tam),
      Pno, Strings)] P: Peters P6115

Crumb, George (b.1929)
   Ancient Voices of Children (1970) 27' P: Peters, R: Nonesuch 71255
      [Sop, Boy Sop, Ob(Harmonica), Hp, Perc, Mand(Musical Saw), El-Pno]
   Echoes of Time and the River (1967) 20' (Mand in Orchestra) P: Mills
    Variazioni (1959) 25' (Mand in Orch) P: Peters, R: Louisville 774

Curtis-Smith, C. (b.1941)
   Comedie; a quasi-theatre piece (1972) 20' (Mand in Orch)  ms L: AMC

Dearinger, Jeff
    Capriccio for Solo Mandolin and Mand Orch
    Doodles [2 Mand, Mla, Mc]
    Kansas Tango [Mand Orch]
    Suite in A Minor [Mand Orch]
    Two Etudes [Mand, Mc]
        All works (plus many arrangements) published by the composer.

Del Tredici, David (b.1937)
   The Lobster Quadrille (1969/74) 13' (Mand in Orch) P: B&H
   Vintage Alice (1972) 28' (Mand in Orch) P: B&H
   Adventure Underground (1973) 20' (Mand in Orch) P: B&H
   Final Alice (1976) 40' (Mand in Orch) P: B&H
   Annotated Alice 28' (Mand in Orch) P: B&H
   An Alice Symphony R: CD 688 CRI L: US-Wc

Diaz, Gary
      Legend of Antigone, The : op. 27 (1992) [Mand, T-Rec, Chimes, Hpscd] AMC: M485 D542 L5
      The Red Sea,  op. 28 (1992) 8'  [Mand, Cuatro, Claves] AMC: M385 D542 R3

Dollarhide, Theodore (b.1948)
   Madness in Paradise (1986) [Vn, Cl, Mand, Gtr, Perc, Db] ms
   New Work (1988) [2 Vn, Vla, Vc, Cb, Fl, Cl, B-Cl, Ob, Mand, Perc, 3 Gtr]

Dydo, Stephen
   Winter Song (1975) 9' [Sop, Fl, Mand, Vc, Bsn]  P: APNM

Edwards, George (b.1943)
   Uroboros [Fl, Mand, Gtr, Cel, Hp, Cemb, 2 Vla, Vc] P: ACA

Epstein, Paul (b.1938)
Two Studies for Mandolin (11', 1995; written for Dimitris Marinos)

Espinola, Tom (b. 195_)
   Dance [2 Mand] ms
   Mandolin Quartet [2 Mand, Mla, Mc] ms

Field, Ken
    Why Not Circulate? [Mand Orch] ms
       Written for the Providnce Mandolin Orchestra

First, Craig P. (b. 1960)
   Contrapuntal Variations [Mand and prerecorded mandolin] ms
        Commissioned by Dimitris Marinos and Commissioning Music USA.
   Epiphany [amplified Mand, Vn, Tape] ms
   Tantrum [amplified Mand, Tape] 8', 1992 P: SCI Journal of music scores, v.21 (1995), p.5-29. R: Capstone Records CPS-8626
        All three works written for Dimitris Marinos.

Fitz, Tracy
     A-Pam Waltz. (1990) 1'45" [Vc, Concertina, Mand]

Foss, Lukas (b.1922)
   Fragments of Archilochus (1965)  P: CF
      [Countertenor, male and female speakers, 4 small choirs, optional large chorus, Mand, Gtr, Perc]
   Lamdeni (Teach Me) P: Sal
      [Chorus with plucked or beaten instruments (Mand, Gtr, Perc)]
   Symphony of Chorales (1956-8) 31' (Mand in Orch) P: CF
   Three Airs for Frank O'Hara's Angel (1972) 10' P: Sal, R: [CD] Composers Recordings, Inc. - CD 880
      [Male speaker, Sop, Female chorus, Pno, Mand or Gtr and/or Hp or  Hpschd, Perc, Tape]

Garcia, Orlando Jacinto (b. 1954)
    Cuerdas, Vientos, y Voces [Mand, Tuba] (1996) 12" P: Kallisti Music Press
    LOC: M290.G37 C8.

Gladd, Neil(b.1955)
    Concerto in G for mandolin and strings (1979) ms (withdrawn)
    Etude [Mand] (1980)  ms
    Lullaby [Mand] (1978) ms
    Partita a Dodici Toni  [Mand or Vn] (1982) 10'
        P: PSE 012, R: PSD 002 (Neil Gladd)
    The Red Bach Book: Three Rags after Bach [Mand Orch] (1981) 8'
        P: PSE 001 R: HZO 003 (Hessischen Zupforchester)
    Sonata for Solo Mandolin (1983) 13' P: PSE 015, R: PSD 002 (Neil Gladd)
    Sonata II for Solo Mandolin (1989)15' P: (in preparation)
    Threnody [Mand] (2001) 1"30"
    Three Songs After Thomas Campion [Mezzo, Mand] (2002) 8'

Goichberg, Sol (1908-1978)
   Berceuse [2 (or 3) Mand, Mla, Mc] ms
   Capriccio in D (1930) [solo Mand] P: PSE 029  L: US-Wc  M130 .T
   Caprice [solo Mand] P: PSE 011  L: US-Wc  M132 .G
   Caprice [Mand, Pno] 2'45"
   Fantasia [solo Mand] P: PSE 029  L: US-Wc  M130 .T
   Fantasy on Russian Airs (1934) [Mand, Pno] 2'30" ms
   From the Forest, suite for solo mandolin (1936) 9' P: PSE 025 (in preparation)
   Mazurka [solo Mand] ms
   Minuet [Mand, Pno] ms
   Nigun and Dance [solo Mand] P: PSE 011L: US-Wc  M132 .G
   Rondino [solo Mand] ms

Goodin, John
   Heavens on Earth [Mand Orch]
   Louisville Suite [Mand Orch] P: Trekel

Graybill, Bruce
    Butterflies [2 Mand, Mla, Mc] P: Mando-Kinetics
    Walnut Valley Suite [Mand Orch] P: Mando-Kinetics  R: Providence Mandolin Orchestra

Hahn, David (b.1956)
    Zoological Bagatelles [Mand, Gtr) P: NLP 007

Harrison, Lou (1917-2003)
    Clay's Quintet [Tr, Hn, Mand, Hp, Perc] (1987) P: Frog Peak Music - Har09. $25.

Hartford, Owen (b.1943)
    Construction I  [Mand Orch] ms
    Cornflakes 14 [Mand Orch] ms R: Providence Mandolin Orchestra
    The Frog Prince [mini-opera for Sop, Ten, Bass, Narrator and Mand Orch, libretto by Betsey Hartford] ms
    Family Squabble [Mand Orch] ms  R: Providence Mandolin Orchestra
    Overture to The Frog Prince [Mand Orch] ms
    Rondo Bachanal [Mand Orch] ms  R: Providence Mandolin Orchestra
    Sunday Walk  [Mand Orch] ms
    Three Israeli Pieces  [Mand Orch] ms
    Twinkle, Twinkle Little Samba  [Mand Orch] ms
        All works have been performed by the PMO, of which the composer is a member.
        The Frog Prince received a grant from the Rhode Island Arts Council.

Haufrecht, Herbert (b.1909)
   Divertimento for Plectrum Trio (1965) [Mand, Bnj, Gtr] P: ACA

Healey, Derek (b.1936)
   Cinque Miniature, Op.20c (1962) 5' [Fl, Mand, Cel] P: PSSE 2023
   Piece for mandolin and oboe  ms

Heritage, Lee
    Duo for mandolin and guitar (1987) ms

Hiller, Lejaren (b.1924)
   A Triptych for Hieronymous (1966) (Mand in Orch) P: Press

Hoffman, James A. (b.1929)
   Vortices (1968) 10' [Fl, Ob, Tr, Perc, Mar, Mand, Vn] ms

Hovhaness, Alan (1911-2000)
   Khorhoort Nahadagits, Op.251 (Holy Mystery of the Martyrs), 17 prayers for
      Oud(Lute, Gtr)and String Quartet or String Orchestra. Although the composer does not specify the mandolin,
      it is better suited to mandolin than guitar or lute. It is all-single note writing, most of which is rapid repeated notes.
    P: Peer International, 1976. Scr- 67 pp. Parts on rental.

Israel Brian (1951-1986)
   Concerto for Mandolin (1985) 22' P: PSE 030  (in prep)
      The first American mandolin concerto. Only the piano reduction had been finished at the time of the composer's death.
   Sonatinetta (1984) 8' [Mand, Gtr]   P: PSE 018  R: Mair-Davis Duo (twice) / Duetto Giocondo
   Surrealistic Serenade (1984) P: PSE 027
      for mandolin and euphonium, or other instruments of suitable range

Jaffe, David (b.1955)
   Bristlecone Concerto #2 (1984) 18' for Mandolin, Violin, Computer generated
      and processed tape, and chamber ensemble [Fl, Ob, Cl, Bsn, Hn, Tr, Tbn,  Hp, Pno, Perc]  ms
   Bristlecone Concerto #3 (1984) 10' [Mand, Tape, Opt. Perc.]  ms
   City Life (1979) 6' [Mand, Cemb, 5-String Bnj, Gtr]  ms
   Dybbuk (1980) 9' [Cl in A, 2 Vn, Vla, Pno, offstage Mand] ms
   Ellis Island Sonata (1985)  20' [solo Mand]  P: PSE 036 R: Well-Tempered Productions WTP 5164
   Grass Valley Fire, 1988 (1988) [2 Mand, Mla, Mc] R: Well-Tempered Productions WTP 5164
   Kangaroos (1988) [Mand Orch]
   Music for an Imaginary Wedding (1978) 10' [Mand, English Concertina, Vc]  ms
   Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (1995) 71" R: Well-Tempered Productions WTP 5181
        [concerto for Radio-Drum-Performed Disklavier Grand Piano and ensemble: Hp, Mand, Gtr, Bass, Harmonium, Hpschd, 2 Perc]
   Sunday at Bean Blossom (1978) 11' [Vn,  Mand, Vc, Perc, Cemb, Gtr]  ms
   Would you just as soon sing as make that noise? (1983) 18'
      [Solo Mand, solo Vn, Fl, Ob, Cl, Bsn, C-Bsn, Tr, Tbn  Hn, 2 Perc, Pno, Hp, T-Banjo, Strings]  ms

Johnson, A. Paul
    Divertimento #5 [Mand Orch] (1999)
    Serenade #1 [Mand Orch] (1999)
        Written for the Sydney Mandolins.

Kam, Dennis (b.   )
    Prelude, Puzzles, and Postlude [Mand, Tuba, and chamber ensemble]
        First performance with Bill Walach, Gary Buttery, and members of the South Florida Youth Symphony, Feb. 7, 1999 at St. Philip's
        Episcopal Church in Coral Gables.

Karasik, Ely (b. 1924)
   Arabesques: Trois Pour Deux [Mand, Gtr] (1986) 6'30" ms
   Bon Matin (Nocturne) [Mand, Gtr] (1987) 3'30" ms
   Bon Soir (Nocturne) [Mand, Gtr] (1987) 2'30" ms
   Debt Due Debussy (Caprice) [Mand, Gtr] (1987) 2'30" ms
   Diddle Doodaling (Caprice) [Mand, Gtr] (1987) 3' ms
   Forgive Me Schoenberg (Caprice) [Mand, Gtr] (1987) 3'30" ms
   Grazie Giocchino (Tarantella) [Mand, Gtr] (1987) 4' ms
   Grekometrics [Mand, Pno] ms
   Loose in Andalusia (Fandango) [Mand, Gtr] (1987) 4'30" ms
   Mozerella (Tarantella) [Mand, Gtr] (1987) 2'30" ms
   Olga On The Volga (Rag) [Mand, Gtr] (1986) 3'30" ms
   Peerless Gynt (Rag) [Mand, Gtr] (1987) 4' ms
   Play Without Pay (Caprice) [Mand, Gtr] (1987) 2' ms
   Push Me Not (Polka) [Mand, Gtr] (1987) 2'30" ms
   Soiree at the Swanee (Rag) [Mand, Gtr] (1986) 3' ms
   Wine, Women and Tears (Waltz) [Mand, Gtr] (1987) 3'30" ms
   Zuchinnis Forever (March) [Mand, Gtr] (1987) 4' ms

Karlins, M. William
   Kindred Spirits [Mand, Gtr, Hp]  Available from Garlic Press P.O. Box 491, Techny IL 60082-0491 <>
        R: (Dimitris Marinos, Mand, Paul Bowman Gtr, Alison Attar, Hp) harp HUNGAROTON Classic CD, HCD 32037

Kaye, Anthony
    Honeysuckle Half-Step [Mand Orch] R: HZO 003 (Hessischen Zupforchester)

Kessler, Minuetta
   Baby Music Box Songs (1986) [Sop, Mand, Pno] ms

Kolb, Barbara (b.1939)
   Spring, River, Flowers, Moon, Night (1974/75, rev. 1977)
      [2 Pno, Bells, Vib, Mar, Mand, Gtr, Tape] P: B&H, R: CRI S-361
   Looking for Claudio (includes mandolin) R: CRI S-361

Larsen, Libby (b. 1950)
   Weaver's Song and Jig (1978) 9'30" [Chamber orchestra and country band w/Mand]
      [1-1-1-1, 0-1-0-0, perc, pno, strings, country band] P: E.C. Schirmer L: AMC: M1040 L334 W3
      Commissioned by Garrison Keillor for performance on Prairie Home Companion with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra.

Lewis, Peter Tod (1932-1982)
   Lament for Mrs. Bridge (1963) 1' P: ACA
      [Picc, Fl, Ob, Cbsn, 2 Hn, Tr, Tbn, Mand, Cel/Cymb, Hp(or Vib), 3 Cb]

Lieberson, Peter (b.1946)
   Concerto for violoncello [with accompanying trios] (1974) 13' P: Associated Music Publishers, Inc.
    [solo Vc, Fl, Ob, Tr, 2 Vn, Vla, Mand, Hp, Timp, Db, Bsn, Cl, Pno] L: AMC: + M5020 L7165 C7

Lilienkamp, Fred (b.1949)
   Los Desaparecidos 6'50' [Mand, Gtr] ms  R: (Mair-Davis)

Lombardo, Robert (b. 1932)
    Affreschi caldi  [M-Sop, Mand, Gtr, Hp] (1996)
    Chamber Concerto for [Mand, 2 Vn, Vla, Vc, Db] (1998)
        (arrangement of Orpheus and the Maenads: Concerto for mandolin and string orchestra)
    Contrasti [solo Mand] (1990)
    Contrasti a due: un pezzo lirico (1990) [Mand, Mar]  L: AMC: M298 L842 C7
    Dialogues of Lovers II [M-Sop, Mand, Mar] (1998)
    Fantasy Variations IV [solo Mand] (1992)
    Lullaby & Cadenza [Mand, Tape] (1991)
    Orpheus and the Maenads: Concerto for mandolin and string orchestra (1994)
    Seven Deadly Sins for [M-Sop, Mand] (1996)
    Sudden Departures [Mand, Gtr] R:Duo Ahlert & Schwab - Chilli con Tango ANTES BM-CD 31.9153
        All works available from Garlic Press P.O. Box 491, Techny IL 60082-0491 <>

Mair, Marilynn
   The Jabberwocky [Speaker with chamber ensemble that includes the mandolin]

Mais, Chester
   Scherzo-Rhapsodie (1985) [solo Mand]  P: in PSE 029  L: US-Wc  M130 .T
   Short Suite (1990-91) [Mand, Vla] ms

Mamlock, Ursula (b.1928)
   Oboe Concerto 15' (Mand in Orch) P: ACA

Marshall, Evan (b.1959)
   Five Caprices for Mandolin Solo P: Mandobear Music Co. R: Rounder
   The Almond Honey Suite (Mand) P: Mandobear Music Co. R: Rounder
   The Mighty Mandolin (Mand Quartet) P: Mandobear Music Co. R: Rounder
   Vanilla Schubert [Mand, Vn, Gtr, Bass] R: The Bridges of Orange County

Marshall, Ingram (b.1942)
    Fog Tropes; Gradual Requiem; Gambuh I  Gradual Requem [brass sextet, fog horns & other ambient sounds; synthesizer, mandolin, voice, gambuh, piano, electronics, tape delay]
      Recorded: New Albion NA-002 (John Adams, conductor and Foster Reed, Mandolin)

Marshall, Pamela J. (b.1954)
    Concerto for Electric Mandolin and Tape (1987) 10'
    Mandolin Night (1985) [Mand]  P: in collection, PSE 029  L: US-Wc  M130 .T  Recorded

Martel, Robert
    Echoes and Shadows of Dreams [Mand Orch] ms
    Evening Sky [Mand Orch] ms R: Providence Mandolin Orchestra
    Icarus Ascending [Mand Orch] ms
    Music for a Summer Evening [Mand Orch] ms
    Sky-Colored Lake [Mand Orch] ms R: Providence Mandolin Orchestra
    Two Basque Carols [Mand, Gtr]
    Wrung from the Silence (a Suite of 5 pieces) [Mand Orch] ms

Martin, Louis (b.1944)
   Five Sonatas, Op.3 [Mand] ms
   Sonata, Op.4 [Mand] ms
   Toccata, Op.7 [Mand] ms
   6 Pieces for solo mandolin, Op.10 ms

McGilvra, Douglas (b.1945)
   Songs with words (1979-80) 10' [Sop, 3 Cl, Mand, Vn, Vla, Vc] ms

McNaughton, David
   Mandolin Dream

Moore, Carman (b.1936)
   Fixed Do : Movable Sol (includes the mandolin)  ms
   Sonata: Variations for Mandolin and Piano (1965) 9' P: NLP 017 (First American Mandolin Sonata)
   Incidental music for "Timon of Athens" (includes the mandolin)

Morehead, Patricia
    Just After the Rain [Cl, Vc, Mand] NEW
    dedicated to the memory of William Ferris

Muradian, Vasgen
    Concerto for Oud(Vn, Mand) and strings, Op.57 22' ms
    Concerto for Mandolin

Netsky, Hankus
    Concerto for Mandolin and Strings

Newton, Lynne David
    When in Eternal Lines to Time Thou Grow'st (1965) [Cel, B-Tbn, El-Mand, Vla 3 Perc] NEW

Nix, Michael (b. 1953)
    Ceremony (1997) 15' [Mand, Gtr]
    Ceremony (1997) 15' [Mand Orch]
    Duo for Guitar and Mandolin (1980)
    Three American Folksongs (1992) [Mand Orch]  P: NixWorksR: Providence Mandolin Orchestra
    Three American Folksongs (1992) [Mand, Gtr] P: NixWorksR:
    Coventry Carol Divisions (1997) 2' [Mand, Gtr] P: NixWorks
    Very Rich Hours (1995) 15' [Mand, Gtr] P: NixWorks
    Wintersong [Mand(or melody inst.), Gtr] P:NixWorks

O' Connor, Mark
     Butterflies (1996) [Mand, Vla, Vc] P: Net4Musik

Older, Deborah (b.1947)
   5 Sonnets for Mandolin and Guitar  ms

Pearson, Stephen Funk (b.1950)
    Mountain Moor 9'13" [Mand, Gtr] P: Press, R: Mair-Davis / Duetto Giocondo
    Ellasomorph [Mand Orch]

Pender, Terrence
   Action/Inaction [Mand, Tape]
   Cregg's Pipes [Mand, Tape]
   Crickets [Mand]
   Letter to Gorbachov [2 Mand(Domra)] P: NLP 009 L: US-Wc M293 .P
   Letter to Gorbachov [Mand(Domra), Gtr ] P: NLP 010
   Masking [Mand, 2 Gtr] ms
   Re-Bach [Mand Orch] P: NLP 005
   Three Places I've Never Been [Sop, Mandolin] P: NLP 004

Pehrson, Joseph
      The Nature of the universe (1977) [Ten, Fl, Ob, Cl, Perc, Mans, Vln, 2 Vc] 20'
      Text:  Lucretius, P: Seesaw Music Corp.  L:  AMC: + M1613.3 P376 N2

Pinkham, Daniel (b.1923)
   Introduction, Nocturne and Rondo (1984) [Mand, Gtr] P: ZM 2028 R: Koch International Classics 3-7180-2H1

Pound, Ezra (1885-1972)
   Paroles de Villon (1923)
     (Opera with part for 2 Mand) MS copy on microfilm L: US-Wc R:

Polansky, Larry
    Roads to Chimacum. String quartet or mandolin quartet. Pol12. $5. P: Frog Peak Music

Pollock, Robert
   Cygnature piece (1996) [ Fl, Ob, Vln, Vc, Mand, Gtr] P: Rosalime Productions L: AMC: M682 P777 C9

Preobrajenska, Vera N. (b.1926)
   Fingerflow (1960) [Med voice, Fl, Mand, Perc] ms L: AWC
   Trio for Flute, Mandolin and Bells  ms L: AWC

Rahbee, Dianne Goolkasian (b.1938)
   Bagatelle (1986) [solo Mand] ms
   Untitled (1986) [solo Mand] ms

Read, Gardner (b.1913)
   Haiku Seasons, Op.126 (1970) 20'  ms
      [2 Fem speakers, 2 Male speakers, Cel, Pno, Hpschd, Hp, Mand, 3 Perc]

Reynolds, Roger (b.1934)
   Threshold (1968) 18'
       [4 fl (I-IV = Picc), 2 Ob (II = Ca), 3 Cl (III = B-cl), 3 Bsn (III = Cbsn), 4 Hn, 4 Tpt, 4 Tbn (III, IV = B-tbn), 2 Tba, Perc, Pf, Hpd, Hp, Mand, Str]
              First performance: 7 June 1968, Orchestral Space '68, Tokyo, Japan Philharmonic, Seiji Ozawa, Conductor
    P: Peters P66246

Rhodes, Philip (b.1940)
   Concerto for Bluegrass Band and Orchestra (1974/ rev./) 18'
      [Bnj, Gtr, Mand, Bass, Orch] ms L: AMC

Richter, Marion Morrey (b.1900)
   Reel [Vn, Mand(Mand-Banjo), Vc]  ms

Rorem, Ned (b.1923)
     Poem in eight parts for orchestra
     3(III=picc).3(III=corA).3.3- timp.perc(4):SD/TD/BD/bongos/cyms/tgl/chime/gong(large tam-t)/metal plate/mandolin (opt)/glsp/vib/xyl-pft(=cel)-harp-strings
    HEARING (1966, arranged 1976)
     five scenes for four singers and seven instrumentalists
     Libretto: a dramatization by James Holmes of poems by Kenneth Koch, adapted from the song cycle
     cl(=asax)-tpt-perc(1):SD/BD/tgl/cyms/xyl/glsp/gong/mandolin (or guitar or ukelele) -pft(=harmonium)-strings(

Safar, Paul
    Chamber work with mandolin

Schiboni, Barton A.
   Elan (1984) [solo voices (SATB), SATB choir, Fl, Ob (Eng hrn), Hn, Mand, Vc, Pno (Cel), Perc, 2 tapes] 30'
      Text:Schiboni, Barton A. L: AMC  M1531 S329 E3

Schickele, Peter (b.1935)
    Far Away from Here, Music for Bluegrass Band & Orchestra (1984) — 21 min.
        (3 [3rd Picc.]-2-2-2; 2-3-2 [3rd Ten/Bass]-0; 3 Pc.; Bluegrass Band; Banjo/Vn./Mand./Gtr ,Mand., 3 Gtr., Str. Bs.; Str.)
        Available on rental from Elkan-Vogel, Inc.
    As P.D.Q. Bach: Blaues Gras (Bluegrass Cantata), S. 5-String [Ten, Bar, Bluegrass Band (Mand, Bnj, Gtr, Bass]; 2 Fl., Str.) — 15 min.
        Available on rental from Theodore Presser Company.

Schwantner, Joseph (b.1943)
   Shadows II, Consortium IV P: ACA
      [Bar, Fl, Cl, Mand, Gtr, Vn, Vla, Vc, B-Cl, Tape (all doubling Perc)]

Seeger, Ruth Crawford
    Ricercari (arranged for Sop, Mand ensemble] P: in collection, New Music for Plucked Strings, FPM P03.

Shore, Clare (b.1954)
    Four Vocalises (1985) [Sop (or melody instrument), Mand]  P: NLP 001

Silverman, Stanley (b.1938)
   Planh (1965) [Gtr, Fl(A-Fl), Cl(B-Cl), Perc(Mar), Mand, Vn, Vla, Vc] L: AMC

Sims, Marc (b.1954)
   Medicine Wheel Vision (1980) [solo Mand]  ms

Smit, Leo
   Tzadik (1983) [4 trios: 1) Cl, Sax, Bsn, 2) Hn, Tr, Tbn, 3) Acc, Mand, Perc, 4) Vln, Vla, Vc] L: AMC  M5010 S642 T9

Spiegel, Laurie (b.1945)
   Song without Words for Mandolin and Guitar (1986)  ms L: AWC
   A Stream (1984) [solo Mand] ms L: AWC

Spies, Claudio (b.1925)
   Five Psalms (1959) 14' [Sop, Ten, Bsn, Hn, Mand, Vla, Vc]  P: B&H

Steborn, Morgan
    Riddles with Gollum [Mand, Gtr] 6"

Steuerman , Edward (1892-1964)
   Music for Instruments (1961) (Mand in Orch) P: APNM

Stull, Barry Joe
    I Love to Play My Triangle [Voice, Mand, Mla] ms
    I'm a Butterfly [Voice, Tbn, Mand Orch] ms
    Androcle's Lion [Voice,  Mand Orch] ms
    Notesart [Ob, Cl, Trp, 2 Tbn, B-Tbn, Mand Orch] ms

Subotnick, Morton (b.1933)
   Lamination I for Orchestra (1969) (Mand in Orch)  P: MCA
   Music to "The Caucasian Chalk Circle" (1967)  P: MCA (rental only)
      [Mand, Perc, Narrator, solo voice, 3 choristers]
   Place (1978) 20' (Mand in Orch) P: Press
   Serenade #1 (1959-1960) [Fl, Cl, Vc, Vibr, Mand, Pno] P: M&M

Sur, Donald
   Catena I (1961) 3' [Mand, Fl, Mar, Bongos] P: CC
   Catena II (1962) 2' [Mand, Fl, Vla, Bongos] P: CC
      Both works were premiered by Sol Goichberg.

Swift, Richard (b.1927)
   Concerto for Violin and chamber orchestra (1965/68) (Mand in Orch) ms L: AMC

Tang, Jordan Cho-Tung (b.1948)
   Peach Blossom Fountain (1977) 8-10' (Mand in Orch) ms

Thome, Diane (b.1942)
   Stepping Inward (1987) 7'30" [Ob(EH), Vla, Mand, Gtr, Hp]
      Commissioned by the Marzena Ensemble. Premiered 5/27/87 P: ACOMA · NAMBE EDITIONS L: AMC  M582 T4655 S8

Turner, Michael
    Duet for Mandolin and Alto Saxophone P: codamusic.comNEW

Van de Vate, Nancy  (b.1930)
    Four Summer Songs [chorus, Mand, and Orch]  R: CD 5121

Van Ness, Patricia (b.1951)
Reaping (1988) 7' [4 Mand, Perc (snare, tamborine, gong) Timp, Vn I & II, Vla, Vc, Cb, female voice] 2 movements NEW

Vercoe, Elizabeth (b.1941)
   A la fin -- tout seul (1985) [Mand, (Pno)]  P: PSE 032 L: US-Wc
   Jazz Suite (1987) [El-Mand, Pno] ms
   Herstory IV (1997) [M-Sop, Mand (or Mar)] ms

Vosk, Jay
    Chip Buddahs [Mand] ms

Ware, Tim
    Bartok's Blues [Mand, Vn, Gtr, Vc, Bass] P: Tim Ware   R: [LP] Rounder/Varick 014 (1983)
    Bossa da Bomba [Mand lead sheet]   P: Tim Ware  R: [LP] Kaleidoscope F-13 (1980)
    Duo for Mandolin and Cello [Mand, Vc] P: Tim Ware  R: [LP] Rounder/Varick 014 (1983)
    Dreaming of New Delhi [2 Mand?]  P: Tim Ware  R: [LP] Rounder/Varick 014 (1983)
    Endless [Mand, Vn, Gtr, Vc, Bass]  P: Tim Ware  R: [LP] Kaleidoscope F-13 (1980)
    Idiot Glee [2 Mand, Vn, Gtr]   P: Tim Ware  R: [LP] Rounder/Varick 014 (1983)
    Lizardology [Mand lead sheet]  P: Tim Ware  R: [LP] Rounder/Varick 014 (1983)
    Mandolin VII [Mand lead sheet] P: Tim Ware   R: [LP] Kaleidoscope F-13 (1980)
    On the Wing & Under the Weather [3 Mand, Gtr] P: Tim Ware  R: [LP] Kaleidoscope F-13 (1980)
    Sahara Strut [Mand, Vn, Vc, Bass] P: Tim Ware   R: [LP] Kaleidoscope F-13 (1980)
    Shelter From the Norm [Mand lead sheet]  P: Tim Ware  R: [LP] Rounder/Varick 014 (1983)
    Spiral Moons [2 Mand, Mla, Mc] P: Tim Ware   R: [LP] Kaleidoscope F-13 (1980)
    Turkish Tango [Mand lead sheet]  P: Tim Ware  R: [LP] Kaleidoscope F-13 (1980)

Weaver, Carol Ann (b.1948)
   Algonquin Night (1983) 20' [Cl, Vla, Vc, Mand, Perc, Pno] ms
   Die Zeit ist Kurtz (1982) 6' [Bar, Mand, Pno] ms
   Five Voices of Earth (1984) 20' [Sop or Ten, Mand, Pno (El-Pno)]  ms
   God Bearing (1985) [El-Pno(DX7 Synth), Mand(Mc)] ms
   Lyra (1983) 8' [solo Mand] P: in collection, PSE 029
   Procession (1982) 8' [Mand, Gtr, Pno]
   Pumps 'n Power (1985) [Mand (Mc), Pno(DX7)]  ms
   Saltarella (1981/86) 10' [Mand, Pno]
   Timbrel in Her Hand (1987) [Sop, Mand(El-Mand), Pno(Synth)]
      Written for the composer's husband, Lyle Friesen

Wissmuller, Jan (b.1948)
   Puppet Music (1976) 8' [Mand, Gtr, children's instruments] ms
   The Twa Corbies (The Three Raven's) (1979) 6'  ms
      [M-Sop, Bar, Picc, Ob, Tbn, Pno, Mand, Vn]

Wuorinen, Charles (b.1938)
   Chamber Concerto for Cello & 10 players P:?,  R: Nonesuch 71263

Zonn, Paul Martin (1938-  )
   Prairie Songs: Voyage No.3  (1984) [Vc, Ob, Mand, Vn, Db]
   Tennessee Secrets, for chamber orchestra and mandolin quartet (1997)
   Three American Dances (1998) [Ob, C-Mel Sax, Mand, Gtr, Vla, Acc]
       1. Lowdown Dirty Blues
       2. Too Slow for Arthur Murray
       3. Another Undanceable Waltz

A-            Alto (prefix)
Acc          Accordian
Amp.       Amplified
B-            Bass (prefix)
Bar          Baritone (voice)
Bar-         Baritone (prefix)
Bnj           Banjo
Bsn         Bassoon
C-            Contra (prefix)
Cb           Contrabass
Cel          Celeste
Cl            Clarinet
Cymb      Cymbalon
Db           Double Bass
El-           Electric
Fl            Flute
Gtr          Guitar
Hn           Horn
Hp           Harp
Hpschd   Harpsichord
M-           Mezzo-
Mand      Mandolin
Mar         Marimba
Mc          Mandocello
Mla         Mandola
Ob          Oboe
Orch       Orchestra
Perc       Percussion
Picc        Piccolo
Pno       Piano
Rec        Recorder
S-           Soprano (prefix)
Sax        Saxophone
Sop        Soprano (voice)
Synth      Synthesizer
T-            Tenor (prefix)
Tb           Trombone
Ten         Tenor (voice)
Timp       Timpani
Tr            Trumpet
Uke         Ukelele
Vc           Violoncello
Vib          Vibraphone
Vn           Violin
Vla          Viola


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